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The B/R/K cookvision cooking system covers the complete range of food preparation and preservation from traditional cooking to bottling. Come to us for inspiration and make yourself familiar with all possibilities of the cookvision cooking systems. B/R/K Pressure cookers use an easy to manipulate, specially-developed pressure lid, any B/R/K cooking pot can be converted into a pressure cooker by a simple hand turn. The patented single-handed-closure mechanism guarantees it is easy to use.
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B/R/K 3 Qt. Pressure Cooker (20cm)
B/R/K 3 Qt. Pressure Cooker (20cm)
Product ID : 631232wPL
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How pressure cooking works The boiling point of water is 100C. Once this temperature is reached in a normal saucepan, it remains constant until the source of heat is turned off. Unlike in traditional cooking, using a pressure-cooking lid prevents the escape of the steam generated in cooking by its airtight lock. This means that the steam remains inside the cooker and contributes to an increase in pressure which can be varied and precisely adjusted by the user with the pressure regulating valve. About Pressure Cooking and B/R/K Pressure Cookers The pressure also causes the temperature inside the cooker to climb above 100C. The maximum temperature the cookvision cooking system reaches is 120C. The advantage of the higher temperature is primarily the substantially shorter times for cooking food and the energy-saving effect which results from this. A further positive aspect is the preservation of the vitamins, which have no chance during the cooking process of escaping with the steam given off, but which instead are retained in the cooker until the cooking is finished. The history of pressure cooking - Cooking with steam was known in ancient Rome. even if only in its simplest form. It is the French physicist Denis Pain (1647-1712) who is regarded as its actual inventor; in 1679, he constructed an iron cooking pot with a lid which could be screwed on tightly. The meals cooked quickly under the high pressure of the steam shut in and according to reports of the time, they tasted better and were more easily digestible. In Germany, the first pressure cookers appeared on the market in 1927. They were continuously developed, but it was not until the 1950s that they had reached a quality standard which made a user-friendly application possible. In the meantime, of course, the pressure cooker is for most households a piece of the normal kitchen equipment. Pressure cooking in day-to-day use - The majority of pressure cookers on the market today have one thing in common: they are large and bulky, and functionally their use is restricted. With B/R/K Pressure Cookers you are almost unlimited! This frequently leads to pressure cookers only being used when cooking under pressure is specifically required, and otherwise the cookers spend an unhappy life either tucked away at the back of a kitchen cupboard or in the cellar. This all changes under the B/R/K cookvision cooking systems concept.
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