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Hand Grain Mills / Manual Wheat Grinders

At For Your Kitchen we specialize in Bread Making from Bread Mixers to Grain Grinders and Bread Baking Supplies (Bread Pans, Bread Bags, Bread Ingredients, etc...) Hand Grain Mills, however, are not very efficient for bread making as the average Manual Flour Mill (Hand Grain Grinder) will only grind 1 cup of flour in about 5 minutes. Even is 5 minutes does not seem too bad to you, realize that you could not keep up that pace and each successive cup of flour would take longer than the last. Hand Flour Mills are great for grinding cracked grains (such as cracked wheat) and small amounts of flour. They can also be great for locations without electricity or times when electricity is just unavailable. We carry many hand cranked grain mills, if you need help, please give us a call 1-800-919-1175.

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