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We currently stock all standard Bosch Mixer Packages and carry some exclusive Bosch Mixer packages as well.   Bosch Mixers have long been known as the best bread mixer available for home use, mixing enough dough for up to 8 loaves of bread in the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer.  The Bosch Compact Mixer is a very economical mixer and holds 4 quarts (approx 12 cups of flour) its 400 watts is more powerful than most of Kitchen Aids Line up as well.  Take a look, enjoy and if you have questions give us a call - 1-800-919-1175

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Bosch Universal Plus Mixer (MUM6N10)
Bosch Universal Plus Mixer (MUM6N10)
Product ID : MUM6N10
Price: $449.00
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Sensible Cooking (Featuring the Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine)
Sensible Cooking (Featuring the Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine)
Product ID : 1525
Price: $14.95
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Bosch began producing Mixers in 1952 (The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer would be the current version of this mixer) filling a great need for germans to make their own bread.  As time went on Bosch built a smaller mixer called the Bosch Compact Mixer which is currently the best selling mixer in Europe!  If you are looking for an overhead Kitchen Aid type mixer I feel that this is the best value on the market today (400 watts, 4 Qt.).
My Personal favorite mixer is the Bosch Universal Mixer (800 Watt & 6Qt).  I make a lot of bread & pizza dough, however I really love the fact that their is no overhead mixing arm to get in the way of my adding ingredients.  The two part bowl lid is wonderful because you can remove the center lid while mixing and have plenty of room to add ingedients in the mixing bowl, if you need more room simply remove the outer ring (splash ring) and add ingredients.  Our retail customers agree that they love this feature, however, I have found that our customers love the fact that the Bosch Mixer does a great job of mixing ingredients on the bottom of the bowl that other mixers will miss.
More Powerfull that higher watt mixers!  Bosch Mixers have a more efficient transmission (loses less power) and has a 70-1 gear down ratio (motor turns 70 times for each revolution of mixing attachments)  Try to Knead 24 cups of flour in your Kitchen Aid!  I do this often in the whole wheat bread class I teach at our store, this is equivalent to 8 loaves of bread.
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Not Just a Bread Mixer! -
The Bosch Mixer is the #1 rated bread mixer for home use, however, anyone who has owned one knows that the Bosch Mixer is a total kitchen mixer.  The dual whisks can meringue a single egg white in 45 seconds.  The whisks can also be used for common whisking purposes such as whip cream, cake batter, pancake batter, waffle batter, cookies (however, optional Bosch Cookie Paddles are best for this job) and much more!
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