Electric Grain Grinders

The Nutrimill Grain Mill is Rated the #1 Electric Grain Mill on the market for home use & with a manufacturer lifetime warranty, you really can not go wrong.  The Vital Mill Grain Mill is really the only other true Electric Flour Grinder that we choose to carry.  The Vital Mill is a great Grain Grinder and at such a great value, even at this great price the Nutrimill still outsells the Vital Mill 5 to 1.

The Country Living Grain Mill can be adapted for power & the Family Living Grain Mill is a component system that offers two options for powering first, the grain mill can be attached to a Motor Unit and second, an Adapter can be purchased to use a Bosch Mixer or Kitchen Aid Mixer.

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L'equip Nutrimill Grain Mill Parts
L'equip Nutrimill Grain Mill Parts
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More About Electric Grain Grinders

Why would I want an electric grain mill when a manual grain mill is much less expensive?  There are several reasons, first, an electric grain mill is far easier to use (much the same as if you were to go shopping would you use a bicycle or a car?)  It is faster!  The average hand grain mill will grind a cup of bread flour in 5 minutes (grinding as fast as I could), while the Nutrimill or Vitalmill Electric Grain Grinders will grind approx. 20 cups of bread flour in the same 5 minutes.  The Nutrimill has a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty ensuring reliable use for a very long time.

Is there anything that you can do with a hand grain mill that you could not do with an electric grain mill?  The Nutrimill Grain Mill and the Vital Mill Grain Mill can not crack wheat.  Because of the high speed that these mills function at, they can not make a cracked wheat or cracked grain consistentcy.  The Country Living Grain Mill and the Family Living Grain Mills can crack wheat and can be used electrically.  The Nutrimill has some coarseness variability (up to a corn meal type consistentcy).

Is there any dissadvantage to buying the Country Living Grain Grinder?  No, this is an amazing wheat grinder!  The Country Living Flour Mill is build like a tank and performs well both as a hand grinder and electrically.  This is a more expensive mill, especially when purchasing the optional motorization kit.  The Country Living Grain Grinder is also very heavy and so you would not want to move it (you won't be storing this grain mill in your cupboard like you would a Nutrimill).

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