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Grain Flakers otherwise known as Oat Rollers (because oats are the most commonly flaked grain) are different than grain mills in that they flake or roll your grain as opposed to grinding it into fine flour. Grain Flakers are used primarily on soft grains i.e. oats.  While you can run any grain through a flaker, you will find the best results on softer grains (harder grainds tend to get cracked into the consistentcy of cream of wheat).  We have not found a grain flaker / oat roller that will turn out the result that you will get from commercially rolled oats, however, you will still be able to make satisfactory rolled oats with household oat rollers.


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Brief Overview and Grain Flaker / Oat Roller Comparison

Norpro Grain Flaker / Oat Roller - The box from the manufacturer labels this a grain grinder incorrectly. Yes, it can technically be used as a grain grinder it is the worst possible option that we carry and I would highly recommend looking at other options. You will have a greater range of fineness to coarseness and achieve your desired result easier and faster. The Norpro Grain Flaker is, however, a very good flaking option for the money (similar to the Marga).

Marga Grain Flaker / Oat Roller - An oat roller made with quality in mind, made in Italy. We find this an easy Oat Flaker to use and well built. More expensive that the Norpro, but worth it if you expect to use your flaker a lot.

Kitchen Aid Grain Flaker / Oat Roller Mill Attachment - Attaches to Kitchen Aid Mixers this Grain Roller is made in Germany by a company called "Messerschmidt" labeled "Family Living" in the United States. This is a direct fit flaker and will not adapt with other Family Living Products.

Family Living Grain Flaker w/ Hand Base - The most versatile system available! Family Living is primarily a component system whereby you can add other components to what you have already for additional uses. For example you can add a Kitchen Aid Mixer Adapter or a Bosch Mixer Adapter to power your Family Living Grain Flaker Mill, you may also add a grain mill attachment to be used on your hand base or mixer adapter etc...

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